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Piano Keys

Piano Lessons

I teach piano from very beginning levels through late intermediate levels, and I work with adults and children from ages 5 on. I have a grounding in classical piano and am also well versed in modern genres like pop, rock, and jazz. I grew up learning piano with the Faber and Faber books. I have a passion for working with children and love sharing these books with my young students. I also teach from the Alfred courses for both young students and beginning adult students. We will cover note reading, rhythm, and chords, as well as the theory and ear training aspects of music.

My approach is student-centered, and I design our lessons with your goal in mind. Students are welcomed, and encouraged, to bring music they wish to learn to our lessons.

Lone Microphone

Voice Lessons

I offer voice lessons to adults and children from ages 10 and up. My background as a classically trained vocalist allows me to teach the important foundational techniques of healthy singing, which includes proper support, breathing, vocal placement and resonance. These techniques will support you in learning any style of voice from opera to musical theatre, to pop/rock, and jazz. My goal is to teach healthy and proper singing so that you are able to sing for a lifetime. With these goals in mind, our lessons will include tension release, and vowel placement. I will also teach you aspects of theory such as ear-training, note-reading, and sight-singing.

Vocal performance includes more than singing. Together we will also work on text interpretation, acting, and communicating with the audience through movement and expression.


Saxophone Lessons

I teach the beginning basics of the alto saxophone. I can teach fingering, note-reading, scales and rhythm. I often teach from the Ed Sueta, and the Essential Elements text for saxophone.

Lessons: My Lessons
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